*Update as of 16 Mar 2022

New Zealand’s borders are opening to the world again throughout 2022.

  • From 11:59pm 12 April 2022, vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents can enter New Zealand and self-test on arrival.
  • From 11:59pm 1 May 2022, vaccinated visitors from visa waiver countries, and visitors from other countries who already hold a valid visitor visa can enter New Zealand and self-test on arrival.

For more information on when you can travel to New Zealand please visit https://covid19.govt.nz/international-travel/travel-to-new-zealand/when-new-zealand-borders-open/

How do I stay safe while travelling in New Zealand?

While you’re here in New Zealand, there are a few things you need to do to keep yourself and others safe from COVID-19. We strongly encourage travellers to understand how New Zealand is responding to COVID-19, and the rules and techniques we use to keep each other safe. For more information visit https://covid19.govt.nz/prepare-and-stay-safe/keep-up-healthy-habits/

Practise Good Hygeine

Wash you hands often with soap or hand sanitiser. Cough or sneeze into your elbow.

Keep track of where you have been

Track your movements so you know if there have been community cases of COVID-19 where you have been.

Wear a face mask

As a general rule, you should wear a face mask whenever you are indoors.

When it is hard to physically distance from people you do not know, you are encouraged to wear a face mask. Face masks are no longer required outdoors at all traffic light settings.

Get you know the New Zealand Covid-19 Alert levels

New Zealand has a traffic light COVID-19 Alert Level system which comes into effect on the 3rd Dec 2021. Make sure you know what to do at different Alert Levels.

If you feel unwell

If you feel unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms, stay in your accommodation and call Healthline for free on 0800 611 116 for advice. If you’re offered a test for COVID-19, please take it. The test is free of charge for everyone, unless you need one to enter another country. By getting a test, you’re helping keep everyone safe.

What to do if your travel plans are disrupted?

If you need to change your rental car booking due to a Covid-19 disruption, please contact our team by email [email protected] or by phone on (09) 4880920.

Photo by Henry McIntosh on Unsplash