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Our modern fleet of cars are meticulously maintained and a pleasure to drive

Car Rental Auckland in North Shore NZ

Driving a rental car along the Northern region of Auckland is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Get off the beaten track and explore the pristine landscapes and stunning beaches in your own pace. Shore Rentals provides great value car hire and rentals, North Shore, NZ, to make your car trip unforgettable and hassle-free.

Our rental car and vehicle fleet

Our range of rental cars and vehicles consist of clean, safe and easy-to-ride vehicles, and can be rented for an unlimited number of days. Special prices apply for weekly or monthly hire, as well as long term rentals. All rental cars are available with air conditioning and automatic transmission, a manual transmission Toyota Yaris is also available. Most seat 5 people, however we also have 6 seater and 7 seater vehicles. We take pride in servicing our hire cars with utmost care to make sure you have a smooth driving experience once you hit the roads of NZ’s stunning Takapuna, North Shore.

Why hire a rental car from us

As an independent family run business, we offer car rental Auckland & the North Shore at cheap rates without any hidden costs. Having serviced Auckland’s North Shore since 2003, our modern fleet gives you a selection of meticulously maintained vehicles that all come with air-conditioning and all necessary insurances and taxes. We love what we do, so you can expect a friendly car hire service and commitment to high quality at any time.

Our branch in the lively beach town of Takapuna and is a great starting point to hit the road with your car. Take in the laid-back lifestyle and discover some great places nearby, such as the serene crater landscape at Lake Pupuke, the volcanic island of Rangitotoor, the rugged black beaches of Piha or the lush rainforests of the Waitakere Ranges.

The advantages at a glance

  • Affordable prices
  • No hidden fees
  • High flexibility
  • Lower prices for monthly or weekly hire
  • Additional driver at no extra cost
  • Friendly, personal service
  • Local expert advice on the best routes around Auckland
  • Short and long term car rental deals, from 1 day to 6 months plus
  • Weekend and weekday packages
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Meticulously maintained rental vehicles

What our customers say

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“The whole rental process is so easy with this business. I had a great newish car for the long weekend. I’ll be back and do highly recommend Shore Rentals.” – Jörg Breitenberger   “This was a seamless experience from the late night online booking (seriously 1min) to the early morning pick up. Everything was fast, Michael was super nice and efficient and the car was neat and tidy. Convenient after hours drop off as well. Support the local guys.” – Andre Slade

Car Driving Safety in New Zealand

We here at Shore Rentals are concerned that our drivers are adequately prepared for driving in New Zealand. There may be differences between road conditions here and in your home country. To that end, we have compiled some basic information to help make your experience as safe as it is memorable.

New Zealand drives on the left hand side of the road. Additionally, the driver sits in the front right seat. So, when in a car, the centre line is always on the right side of the car. On multi-lane motorways, slower traffic should always use the far left lane, unless passing. Most roads in New Zealand are two-lanes sharing a single carriageway, meaning there is no barrier between your car and oncoming traffic. Always stay on the left and do not attempt to cross the centre line.

In accordance with New Zealand law, everyone travelling in a vehicle, both front and back seats, must use a seatbelt or approved child restraint.

The maximum speed limit on open road is 100 kilometres per hour. Within cities and towns, the maximum is usually 50 kilometres per hour or less. There are exceptions, so always be alert for road signs indicating the maximum allowable speed. Speed cameras are located throughout the country and are often placed in unmarked vehicles. New Zealand Police operate on a low tolerance approach to speeding drivers. Note that if caught speeding in a rental car you are responsible for any fines or administrative charges incurred.

A driver may only use a mobile phone to make, receive, or terminate a telephone call if the phone does not require the driver to hold or manipulate it to make, receive, or terminate the call. For example, if you have a hands-free kit. The only exception is if the driver is using the phone to make an emergency call.

New Zealand roads traverse many different types of terrain. This can be treacherous to those unaccustomed to country roads or in certain weather conditions. Always be cautious, drive to the conditions, and reduce speed when necessary.

Car Rental

Whether this is your first time renting a car or you’ve rented cars several times before, we at Shore Rentals want to share some important things you should consider. Have all of your credentials in order

What could be worse than arriving at a car rental agency and realising you’ve forgotten to bring along your driver’s license? Make sure you have a valid driver’s license and credit card, in your name, with you. You will not be allowed to rent a car without a valid license. Further, you should ensure that your license is translated into English if it written in a different language. Most rental car companies do require customers to present a valid credit card to cover incidental fees such as low fuel, parking tickets, or traffic violations, to name a few. Debit cards may not always be accepted.

Inspect the exterior of the car

You don’t want to find yourself financially responsible for damages inflicted by another driver’s negligence. Take the time to visually inspect the outside of the car for scratches or dents and make sure the rental agent makes note of any that exist.

Get familiar with the rental car before driving

Every vehicle is different. Get comfortable with your rental car before you drive off. In order to avoid unnecessary stress or harm, take some time to adjust seats and mirrors. Also, make sure you locate and understand how to operate air conditioning, radio and/or navigation systems, locks, windows, lights, turn signal, windshield wipers, and handbrake.

Understand your fuel obligations

When it comes to rental car fuel there are two things to bear in mind. First, be clear about what your rental contract states. Are you required to return the car with a full tank or is it ok to return with less? Second, make sure you ask what type of fuel the car runs on.

Be mindful of your time

Most car rental companies operate on a tight schedule and with limited inventory, especially during high seasons. Therefore, it is very important to them that customers return their car rentals by the agreed upon time. Delays can cause you additional charges without advance notice.

Don’t lose your keys

Cars today tend to have unique and complex keys and key fobs. Replacing them is much more complicated and expensive than it used to be. Avoid the hassle and expense of replacing a car key by making sure you keep it safe at all times.

Discover Auckland

Auckland has so much offer any time of year. Beautiful landscapes, tranquil beaches, world class food and wine, shopping, and unique culture and art. Best of all, everything is located within a small geographic area so you can do as much as you want even if your time is limited. Attractions are seemingly endless here in Auckland. The biggest draw to the area is probably Auckland beaches. In fact, there is over 29,000 kilometres of coastline offering hundreds of beaches. Each beach is different, too. There are white sand beaches as well as black sand spots ideal for surfing. Be aware that not all beaches are patrolled so you should swim at your own risk.

Car rental in the North Shore enables you to explore this wide region in your own pace. And if you’re heading North, why not stay out of the city rush of Auckland and stop by at our Takapuna branch to pick up your rental car. With so many things to do and see around the North Shore, it’s not always easy to decide where to start. We’ll give you a warm welcome, a great value car hire and are happy to share our local insider tips about the beautiful area. Click here to get more info about Takapuna and our recommended car trips from there. Learn more about our options for car rental North Shore, NZ, or book your car online with Shore Rentals today.