Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Internet payments can be made using Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit cards. To reserve a vehicle, a credit card is mandatory, but if you pay at counter you have the option to pay with a debit card or cash if you prefer.

During the rental process, we will secure an authorisation on your credit card, which will be based on the estimated rental fees. It’s important to ensure that your card has sufficient available credit to cover all expenses, including a minimum security deposit of $400.00.

The cards used must display the name, signature, card number of the primary driver, and bear the relevant logo. However, cash, prepaid and reloadable debit cards, gift cards, and travel cards are strictly not accepted as valid forms of payment or for securing bonds for security purposes.


The most efficient and convenient method for making a reservation is through our website.

Alternatively, you can send your booking details to us via email at [email protected]

If you’d like to speak with a representative, please feel free to give us a call.

(09) 4880920 From New Zealand

+64 9 4880920 From any other International Country


Please be aware that a credit card or debit card is essential for renting from us. Please note that we do not accept cash as a security bond. A minimum bond of $400 is mandatory for all payments made with Mastercard, Visa and Amex cards.

Please note that prepaid and reloadable debit cards, gift cards, and travel cards are not accepted as forms of payment or for use as security bonds.

  • Bond amounts may vary depending on the type of vehicle you choose.

Driver Licence Requirements

In New Zealand, the law mandates that a valid foreign driver’s license in a language other than English must be accompanied by either an English translation or an International Driver’s Permit. This translation should be issued by an authorised service or a designated authority.

You can hire a car from Shore Rentals if you are at least 21 years of age and hold a full, valid New Zealand or international drivers’ licence.  There is no maximum age if you have a valid driver’s licence.

Shore Rentals does not accept Australian Digital Driver Licences (DDLs). If you are coming from a state that issues DDLs, we highly advise carrying a physical copy of your license when travelling in New Zealand. New Zealand Police may request a physical copy to verify the validity of the DDL.

Afterhours Returns

We do offer an after hours returns service. If you need to return a vehicle outside of business hours please park the car in front of the Mobil Station, lock the car and give the keys to the attendant inside. The Mobil Station next door is only open until 10pm.

Please note that a vehicle returned after our regular operating hours will only be processed on the following business day. When returning a vehicle after hours, the customer assumes responsibility for the vehicle until it undergoes a satisfactory check-in process on the subsequent business day.

Promotion Codes

If you have a promotional or discount code, please enter it in the booking widget prior to clicking “find my car.” The daily rate will be subsequently calculated with the applied discount when you search for your booking dates.

Why am I being charged more than I was quoted?

We will quote you based on the daily rate advertised at the time of booking, the length of your rental, and any options you select such as:

  • Additional days
  • Accident Excess Reduction (AER)
  • Vehicle upgrade
  • Child safety seats

Upon return of the vehicle, you may also be charged for the following:

  • Expenses for any damage
  • Service Fee for Cleaning
  • The cost of refuelling
  • Toll Road fees
  • Traffic Infringements and Admin fee

How does the ‘daily rate’ change after I book, and why does it vary?

As a result of the seasonal nature of the travel and tourism industry, our daily rates vary depending on many factors, such as off-peak and low-peak periods, and the availability of our vehicles. The daily rate for a seven-day rental will be much lower than that for a two-day rental, for instance. In the event that you extend the length of your rental, the daily rate on additional days may change. However, the rate on the original date will remain the same.

Parking Fines, Speeding Tickets and Other Infringements

If Shore Rentals receives an infringement notice concerning speeding, parking, or any other traffic violation that occurred during the vehicle’s rental period, the company will initiate the necessary procedure. This involves filing a statutory declaration confirming that the vehicle was indeed on hire, and subsequently providing the hirer’s name, address, and driver’s license details. The issuing authority for the infringement notice will then send the notice to the hirer with a request for payment.

To cover the administrative costs associated with processing the statutory declaration and transferring liability, Shore Rentals imposes a $25 administration fee on the hirer. It’s important to note that Shore Rentals does not cover the cost of these infringement notices, and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to pay any fines related to infringement notices issued during the rental period.

Toll Roads

All our rental vehicles are linked to the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency account, enabling you to stay focused on reaching your destination promptly. This system eliminates the need for you to maintain records of any toll roads you may have used and handle payments through various websites or direct phone calls. At Shore Rentals, we offer the convenience of handling toll road payments on your behalf for a flat fee of $3 per toll, including GST.

In the North Island of New Zealand, there are currently only three operational toll roads: the Northern Gateway, Tauranga Eastern Link, and Tauranga – Takitimu Drive.

If you prefer to make your own arrangements with the Tolling Authority directly, please ensure you do so before using the toll road by visiting

Modifying or cancelling a car rental reservation

My booking needs to be changed. How do I do that?

For any ammendments we can be reached by phone at +64 94880920, or by email

Is it possible to cancel my booking? What is the cancellation fee?

Yes, you may cancel your booking at any time. If you choose to ‘Pay Now’, please keep in mind the following cancellation policy:

  • Any cancellations made 7 or more days before the collection date of the vehicle will result in a full refund of the purchase price and any credit card charges.
  • If you cancel your hire less than 7 days before the collection date, we will refund the hire less any credit card charges.
  • The Customer will not receive a refund if the vehicle is not picked up at the scheduled time and date.
  • When returning the vehicle earlier than the booked dates and times, we will provide a refund for “early returns” or “unused days”.
  • Booking amendments must be made by calling +64 94880920

Is it possible to extend the rental period of my car?

Definitely. To secure the additional days, you will need to make an immediate payment in-person or by phone. Extending your rental is subject to vehicle availability. Call +64 94880920 to speak with our team.

Can you tell me how I can pick up my rental car?

Where do I collect my rental car from?

We are located at 1 Barrys Point Road, Takapuna, Auckland in the underground carpark.

Is it possible to pick up my car after hours?

Unfortunately, no. Outside of our normal trading hours, we are unable to accommodate collections.

I will be late picking up my car. What should I do?

Please contact our branch at +64 94880920. It is especially important during peak car rental periods when many of our vehicles are already out of rental. We may reassign your rental car to someone else if we have not heard from you an hour or more after your pick up time.

Does the car rental allow more than one driver?

Certainly. Additional drivers must, however, present their driver’s licenses upon vehicle collection.

Is it possible to rent a car for a driving test?

No, unfortunately. The use of rental vehicles for driving tests is prohibited.

Are GPS units available for rent?

Yes, we have GPS units available.

Are there child seats available?

Yes, of course. The restraints and booster seats we offer are suitable for children of all ages. They are only available when renting a Shore Rentals vehicle. During extremely busy periods, we may run out of baby and booster seats if they are not attached to your online booking.

Is there a process for returning my rental car?

How do I return my car?

The rental car must be returned to our office at 1 Barrys Point Road, Takapuna, Auckland.

Is it possible to return my car to a different location?

No, unfortunately we only have one branch.

Can I return my rental car early?

The answer is yes.  We do not refund unused hours or days of rental previously booked, unless we accept personal circumstances caused your early return on a longer rental.   For more information, please call +64 94880920

There is a delay in returning my car. How should I proceed?

To avoid possible charges, please notify us as soon as possible. You may also impact the next customer assigned to your vehicle if you are late returning during busy periods. To inform us of your late return, please call +64 94880920 as soon as possible.

What else should I know about Shore Rentals?

What are Shore Rentals terms and conditions?

 You may view our terms and conditions here

Is Shore Rentals open on public holidays?

Our office is open 6 days a week Monday to Friday (8am-5pm) and Saturday (8am-12pm).  Sorry we are closed on public holidays.

How far in advance do I need to book a rental car?

We recommend that if you are planning to travel over peak season which is December to February in New Zealand that you book as far in advance as possible to make sure you get the vehicle you are after.  School holidays are also an extremely popular time, we suggest you book 2-3 weeks in advance. You may book up to the day of departure, but your options may be limited, depending on the season.

Can I leave my car at Shore Rentals and collect it when I return my rental?

 You sure can, we offer a secure carpark so you are able to leave your car while you go on holiday and collect it when you return your rental car.

Supergold cards

We offer a 10% discount to Supergold cardholders.  To receive the discount please inform our staff member at the counter that you are a Supergold cardholder and show them your card on collection of your rental car. Please note these cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. For more information about Supergold visit