Make sure you book your car in advance

To ensure a rental car, make your booking as early as possible. The reason for this is that rental cars can be hard to find during peak seasons or during special events. It’s really no risk to make your reservation earlier, since you won’t be charged until you pick up your car. If you change your mind later, just cancel your booking seven days before the pick-up date and we won’t charge you.

Liability Reduction

Even the most careful person can have an accident. Our Accident Excess Reduction (AER) can reduce your liability. Our AER limits the amount of damages you would be liable for as long as you don’t break any traffic laws or regulations, or breach any terms and conditions of your rental agreement.

Adding another driver

Additional drivers are welcome, so please specify them if you will have more than one. The AER purchased is void if there is no identification of the driver of the rental car in our contract in case of an accident. If you have any additional drivers, please let us know when you pick up your car, or tell us when you book.

The peak season requires more time

For collecting and returning your car, ensure you allow yourself enough time, especially during peak seasons. Our office may be overcrowded at peak times, so waiting for your turn may be longer than expected. To avoid rushing to your destination, choose the best time for your pickup or drop-off so that you have more flexibility. 

Traffic Rules Must Be Obeyed

It can be very expensive and inconvenient to commit traffic violations. We require you to pay us an administrative fee in addition to the fines issued by the New Zealand authorities. Please follow all traffic regulations and do not go over the speed limit for your safety and wallet.

Get your parking & fines paid

Prior to parking, you should find out where you can park. Make sure you pay for your parking every time. Parking illegally is not permitted, and if you are fined, pay your fine on time to avoid further penalties. An administrative fee will be charged if your fines must be processed.

Seats for children and boosters

By regulation, you may need either a child seat or a booster seat for your child if they are traveling with you in a car in New Zealand. For a newborn weighing up to 18kg, a front/rear facing baby seat is appropriate. Toddlers weighing between 15kg and 36kg can use a booster seat. From us, you can hire both a baby seat and a booster seat.

Assistance on the road

The Club Evolution roadside assistance program covers all rentals 24 hours a day. A service fee will apply for ‘human error’ calls. For instance, you lock your keys in the car, you run out of fuel, or you leave the lights on and have a dead battery.

Your Car Rental Can Be Upgraded

Confirmed reservations may be altered, depending on availability. If dates, length of hire, or vehicle category are changed, the cost of the rentals may change. In confirmed reservations, rates, including specials and discounts, are valid only at the time of issue, so changes to reservations may result in a re-quote for hire costs and incidentals.

Satellite navigation system

Satellite navigation is available in some of our rental cars. Our recommendation is to rent a GPS unit for a nominal fee for those who need accurate directions.