In New Zealand, hot springs were traditionally used for cooking, bathing, and for preparing flax for weaving. As a source of minerals with medicinal properties, the water can treat aches, pains, and promote relaxation. The majority of these hot springs are located around the central plateau area which makes a great roadtrip. Spend some time relaxing in one of these hot pools after a long drive. All are located with a few hours from Auckland – Book a rental car for your next break.

Te Aroha Mineral Spa – Te Aroha

 The natural and silky mineral water that has made Te Aroha famous for over 100 years can be enjoyed in beautiful wooden tubs that reflect the beautiful natural surroundings, nestled at the foot of Mount Te Aroha. You can adjust the temperature in the spas at any time to ensure comfort. Each spa has a private changing area and an ensuite for relaxation and convenience.

The Lost Spring – Whitianga

In the Coromandel, this is one of the most unique experiences. As you emerge through the native bush, the interplay of dancing light and rising steam invites you to wander and discover a place to relax. With water temperatures ranging from 32°C to 41°C and shallow pools, this is an ideal way to unwind. There is also a day spa and dining onsite.

Hells Gate – Rotorua

Discover why this land has inspired myths and legends as you walk through native bush and geothermal steam. Once used to heal Maori warriors’ battle-scarred bodies, visitors today use the nutrient-rich waters and mud to ease inflammation and arthritis. Experience sulphur spas, a cool plunge pool and a unique mud bath.

Waikite Valley Thermal Pools – Rotorua

Waikite Valley Thermal Pools is a natural thermal bathing complex located in Rotorua. Its hot water comes directly from the Te Manaroa boiling spring, which is cooled and then used for bathing. Relax in the warm mineral water that is laced with calcite at temperatures ranging from 35 to 38 degrees Celsius, and enjoy a complete state of relaxation.

Polynesian Spa – Rotorua

This legendary New Zealand spa offers the complete range of natural mineral springs, including acidic and alkaline springs, and unique spa therapies for the ultimate in relaxation. Two natural springs provide the hot mineral water that feeds 28 thermal pools at Polynesian Spa. While the slightly acidic Priest Spring waters relieve sore muscles and aches, the slightly alkaline Rachel Spring waters nourish the skin.

Wairakei Terraces – Taupo

The healing properties of Wairakei Terraces pools emanate from silica terraces and geothermal water flowing from 1.5 km below the land, creating an unbeatable combination of geothermal and mineral water. Experience the feeling of silky smooth skin and warmth across your body by immersing yourself in the mineral-rich, warm, thermal pools at the base of silica terraces.

De Bretts Spa Resort – Taupo

De Bretts Spa is the perfect place to relax and soothe tired, aching muscles with its two enormous mineral pools set in beautiful landscaped settings. New Zealand’s Taupo region is one of the country’s most active thermal regions, and Taupo DeBretts is located at a natural ‘hot spot’ – Onekeneke, a geothermal spring. People have flocked here for more than a century to enjoy its relaxing effects and medicinal properties. Taupo DeBretts cools down the way-too-heated volcanic waters to a much more comfortable range of 38 to 41°C (100.4 to 105.8°F), all the while preserving the mineral components that provide health benefits.